Holy Bat-stubble. It’s the most talked about chin at the first full day of Comic-Con.

comic-con-logoWarner Bros. on Thursday released an up-close and in-color profile image of Ben Affleck’s Caped Crusader from the forthcoming film “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” — in one of the early reveals at the four-and-a-half-day event that is chock full of such teases and trailers, sneak-peeks and sneak-pecs.

The Warner/DC image confirms and clears up a few things that were hazy after the first “Batfleck” black-and-white photo was released in May:

 1. The cowl is definitely black, putting to rest rumors that “BvS” could make the bold choice of having the blue cowl that was a constant in the comic books for years. This doesn’t mean there’s not another color/look coming, of course; it just means for right now, the costume is black.

2. The first Batfleck photo seemed to suggest that the costume would be a black cowl and cape over a gray fabric — similar to the look of Batman in the classic “The Dark Knight Returns.” Thursday’s new photo gives a slight peek at the fabric of the suit underneath the cape and cowl, and it looks pretty dark. Almost black. Could it just be a bat-lighting issue, or will we once again have a Batsuit on film that’s all black? Even after two photo releases, Warner Bros. still has us guessing.

3. The always important Bat eye-black in the eye-holes of the cowl is present. It wasn’t used by Adam West, of course, but it’s been a Bat-constant in every Batman film onscreen ever since. Eye-black under cowls and domino masks is always a Hollywood wink for extra identity concealment. It’s there but it’s not really there.  And as always, it looks pretty great.

4. No new surprise with Batfleck’s short ears. It’s a nice change-up after years of long-eared Batmen on film. The Frank Miller/Jim Lee style-influenced design looks good from what we’ve seen so far.

5. We’ve seen two good looks (though they still haven’t revealed everything) about Hollywood’s newest Batman. Now we just need to hear the new Bat-voice. Will it be more Keaton-dark whisper, or Bale-throaty gruff.

Thousands of fans dressed as their favorite superhero, fantasy character or cult comic gathered in San Diego on Thursday for the opening day of the 2014 Comic-Con convention. (Reuters)