WARNER BROS. wasted little time giving fans what they had been waiting for Saturday during the studio’s presentation before San Diego Comic-Con’s Hall H throng of 6,500-strong.

Although there was no official confirmation of any big developments in Zack Snyder’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” the panel started with a short but intense video, which onlookers described as an armored Batman (Ben Affleck) shining the bat-signal in the sky to a clearly perturbed Superman, who was floating above Batman, looking down with his eyes blazing red, barely containing his heat vision. (As of yet, this video is not online, but one can only hope Warner Bros. will release it soon for fans who couldn’t be in San Diego.)

The biggest, and most anticipated, surprise came when an official image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman was finally revealed. In the image, Gadot looks every bit the part of Princess Diana (though there’s no word on whether she’ll be royalty in the film), the one woman on the planet who can go toe to toe with the Man of Steel. In the art, she stands like a monument, fist clenched and sword drawn, in long-limbed strength against the fiery set of largely obscured rebar.

Here are 3 Takeaways from the Wonder Woman reveal, which Snyder tweeted out Saturday (getting nearly 8,000 retweets so far);

1. The costume is noir-dark.
The look takes a cue from its red and blue origins but isn’t nearly the bright, “walking flag” look from previous versions in the comics. It’s a “battle armor” look that includes the instantly recognizable tiara, bracelets/gauntlets (which are reminiscent of how John Bryne used to draw Wonder Woman) and, if you look closely enough, the less-than-golden lasso — right next to the sword she’ll now be wielding.

2. One pumped Gal.
Since fans already saw close-ups of Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s sequel-look Superman, Gadot’s Wonder Woman costume was the last crucial visual reveal.
Gadot — who, upon being cast, was unfairly criticized as being too slim — had said she was taking the role seriously and hitting the gym. She occasionally posted photos of her pumping iron as she aimed to add some Amazonian muscle. She’s bulked up from her “Fast and Furious” days and appears ready to portray the strongest woman in the DC Comics universe.

3. These boots were made for walkin’ tall.
The big-screen Wonder Woman’s high-heeled boots, while longer than the look in the comics, still provide the classic exposed-leg look. This deviates from the Jim Lee reboot design of four years ago; there are no pants, and no leather jacket. But we do get the allimportant eagle chest plate.

Although this isn’t a fully formed Justice League just yet, the mere presence of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the screen shows that WB knew there was only one trio to cast to take on the box-office might of Marvel Studios “Avengers.”

Justice awaits.

Batman turns 75 this year and the popular Comic-Con convention is celebrating by displaying the largest ever collection of Batman memorabilia. (Reuters)