ARTIST’S NOTE: From the 1972 break-in at Democratic headquarters to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation 40 years ago this weekend, the media have marked Watergate anniversaries by re-examining the events of that era tied to the scandal. Today, Comic Riffs offers a fully illustrated report that recalls one such event.

ON THIS EVENING, the guests on the dais during the program included Nixon White House counsel John Dean; former senator Fred Thompson (the Senate Watergate Committee’s chief minority counsel); Egil “Bud” Krogh Jr., head of the Nixon White House’s “Special Investigation Unit” (read: “the plumbers”); former Defense secretary William Cohen; former Massachusetts governor William Weld (House Judiciary Committee counsel during the Watergate hearings); longtime PBS newsman Jim Lehrer; and of course, the legendary Washington Post trio: reporters Bob Woodward (now associate editor) and Carl Bernstein and then-executive editor Ben Bradlee.