BECAUSE IT seemingly no longer has anything to prove in terms of cashing in on long odds — after producing a hit movie starring a tree and a raccoon — Marvel Studios now brings you: Ant-Man, starring Paul Rudd.

Having earned fangoer trust, Marvel can risk diving into its deep roster of unused characters, to see what kind of magic can be made. (Even if Benedict Cumberbatch will be handling much of the magic very soon, as Dr. Strange.)

(Disney/Marvel Studios) (Disney/Marvel Studios)

“I need you to be the Ant-Man,” says Michael Douglas (as the character Dr. Hank Pym) in tonight’s new trailer, speaking to Paul Rudd. He might as well be speaking on behalf of Marvel Studios.

Ant-Man may seem like a B- or even C-list character, but he is a founding Avenger (just look at the cover of Avengers #1 from the early ’60s — there he is). So it’s a natural that Marvel was going to give it a try with a hero whose thing is shrinking and talking to ants.

There have been more than one to wear the mantle of the ant, but the Ant-Man that will be hitting theaters this summer is Scott Lang. Marvel is also debuting a new Ant-Man comic book Wednesday, giving Ant-fans something to read ahead of the film’s July 17 release.

As Lang, Rudd could be another casting victory for Marvel. He has the right combination of warm handsomeness and a proven track record as a funnyman — just what’s needed for a character who is usually down on his luck. (For “Ant-Man,” Peyton Reed will also direct co-stars Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, Bobby Cannavale and Michael Peña.)

Here are Comic Riffs’ 5 Takeaways from the first “Ant-Man” trailer, which debuted during tonight’s debut episode of the ABC miniseries “Agent Carter” (and hours before the Ant-Man #1 comic hit shelves virtual and mortar).

1. A signature V.O.

First, we get a voice-over from co-star Michael Douglas, who is Dr. Hank Pym. Pym has been watching Lang and thinks there’s a lot more to him than the hard times he’s been dealt have revealed. He knows Lang wants to be an important part of his daughter’s life, and Pym’s offering the chance to be a hero.

That’s when we first glance the Ant-Man suit. Rudd’s reaction is that of comedic concern. From what we’ve been shown so far, it appears Pym will be a mentorlike figure, guiding Lang’s path toward becoming a hero.

2. Ant-Man in action

When we see Rudd/Lang suited up as Ant-Man for the first time, we see some big-time shrinking effects. The smaller Ant-Man becomes, the bigger the adventure gets, especially when he’s working with — you guessed it — ants.

3. What’s with the name?

“Ant-Man.” The superhero name doesn’t exactly strike fear into the hearts of the criminal mind. Rudd/Lang seems aware of that when asking, “Is it too late to change the name?” — when Douglas/Pym asks him to don the suit.

4. All about family

We only glimpse Ant-Man’s family, but just as if in the new Ant-Man comic book, it seems a primary focus of Ant-Man is doing whatever he can to be a hero in the eyes of his daughter. Will that be the primary reason he decides to suit up?

5. The next great Avenger?

There are only so many more Avenger films that the current lineup will make together. With Doctor Strange, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and more in the near future, could we be getting a look at the first new Avenger?