Will "Weird Al" Jankovic be able to fill an editing gap at MAD magazine? (photo courtesy of MAD magazine 2015)
Will “Weird Al” Yankovic be able to fill an editing gap at MAD magazine? (photo courtesy of MAD magazine 2015)


WE KNEW “Weird Al” Yankovic was a big comics fan. He turned up at the National Cartoonists Society’s Reubens ceremony last May, after all, to claim his “A.C.E.” Award as outstanding amateur cartoonist.

Now, the master parodist will get to put his satirist’s eye to the ultimate test — and perhaps Alfred E. Neuman should indeed be worried.

MAD magazine announces that Weird Al will be the first guest editor in the legendary publication’s seven-decade history.

Fresh off his Grammy win for Best Comedy Album, Weird Al apparently thinks he’s up to the challenge. The man may know his way around Segways, rubber fat suits and Amish butter churns, but trying to pull together the still-brilliant magazine could cause a funnyman to fold faster than an Al Jaffee back page.

“It was my childhood dream to one day be a contributor to MAD Magazine,” Weird Al said in a statement. “This is an excellent example of why children are never allowed to make important decisions.”

Readers are encouraged to “make Weird Al’s life even harder” by sending their wacky questions to letters@madmagazine.com — Weird Al is obligated to “provide dumb answers to the dumbest questions.”

“I think it will be great,” MAD magazine artist Tom Richmond tells The Post’s Comic Riffs. “Weird Al often cites MAD as something that helped shape his comedic voice, and no doubt he’ll bring some great things to the table as guest editor. Who knows… that issue of MAD might even be funny!

“I’m sure Al’s getting the NCS’s A.C.E. award at last year’s Reubens had a lot to do with his gig with MAD… look at what winning that award has done for his career!” continues Richmond, president of the NCS. “A No. 1 album! A Grammy Award! Worldwide fame and fortune! I’d say we really jumpstarted his little musical career, much like Kanye West has done for that no-name McCartney guy. Glad the NCS could help.”

The Weird Al-edited issue will be available in mid-April.

“Al will surely ruin his nearly four decades of popularity by associating with MAD,” editor-in-chief John Ficarra said in the announcement. “I still can’t believe we talked him into it!”