THE “AVENGERS” record has fallen, and not, as some predicted, by the hand of its sequel. Nay, a dino has done it. And now, in an apt linguistic fit, a rex is king.

Many industry soothsayers said this would be the year that a film beat the opening-weekend record of Disney/Marvel’s “The Avengers,” which in 2012 had a domestic debut of $207.4 million. But last month, its “Avengers: Age of Ultron” sequel managed “only” a $191.3 million debut, ranking above set-up film “Iron Man 3” ($174.3 million) on the all-time list, but well short of the record.

Now, a sequel from a relatively prehistoric franchise, “Jurassic World,” has proved indomitable.

The new Universal blockbuster — fiscally worthy of the franchise that Spielberg hatched back in 1993 — big-footed its way this weekend to a domestic debut of $208.8 million, insiders tell Hollywood’s trade papers, based on today’s adjusted numbers. (As of Sunday, according to studio estimates, “Jurassic World” was still short of the record at $204.6 million.)

“Jurassic World” also became the first film to cross the half-billion-dollar mark worldwide in its opening weekend, easily leaving “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’s” $483 million in the dust. The film opened in 66 territories, grossed about $100 million in China and topped $524 million globally.

“This is absolutely a four-quadrant movie and is working on so many levels,” Universal domestic distribution honcho Nick Carpou told the Hollywood Reporter. The studio chief praised how the release date, squarely between other summer-season tentpoles, played out perfectly.

The growing chatter about the film “inspires people to go to the movie theater,” Rentrak analyst Paul Dergarabedian told Variety. “Everybody gets caught up in it.”

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