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Z2 Comics announces new fall titles as it ramps up its creator-owned mission

A scene from Chris Hunt’s “Carver.” (courtesy of Z2 Comics)

Z2 COMICS will announce later today that the publisher is set to debut three ongoing creator-owned books this fall:

“Welcome to Showside,” by Ian McGinty, is about young Kit, who just wants to have fun and isn’t interested in the family business of destroying worlds. The book will debut in October.

“Carver,” by Chris Hunt, is about a globetrotter in Paris searching for the kidnapped daughter of the one woman he ever loved (set to debut in November).

“Allen: Son of Hellcock” — by Will Tracy (a writer on HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver”), Gabe Koplowitz and Miguel Porto — stars Allen, a cowardly, directionless kid with who happens to be the son of the sword-wielding hero the mighty Hellcock. Allen’s reluctant attempts at heroism begin in December.

Publisher Josh Frankel said that the success of Z2 titles from Dean Haspiel, Miss Lasko-Gross, Harvey Pekar and Paul Pope have created a springboard effect.

“Being able to offer readers new stories from incredibly talented creators is really gratifying, and will also help Z2 Comics continue to grow,” Frankel told The Post’s Comic Riffs. “Serializing comic books is a great model for a smaller publisher, allowing us to pay all the artists and writers a livable page rate for their creator-owned comic books, which helps me sleep at night.”

Frankel also looks forward to continuing Z2’s relationship with ComiXology. He notes that digital sales sometimes increase a book’s print sales, as well. “ComiXology has distributed all of the Z2 graphic novels, and we look forward to continuing our partnership,” Frankel said. “Digital comics are great, too, and definitely help readers who might not go into comics shops.”

“As a publisher, our job is to find ways to get our stories into the hands of readers, across multiple platforms, working closely with our distribution partners,” Frankel said. “There’s so much excitement for comic books right now, and comics readers are more diverse than ever before. It’s the perfect time to launch three equally diverse titles.”

Frankel relishes curating writers and artists who haven’t had rights to their work before. “It was important to me to get some of the best up-and-coming talent in the industry for the Z2 Comics launch, and to give them the opportunity to tell their first creator-owned comic-book stories,” he said.

Amid the industry’s wealth of good work, Frankel embraces championing creative visions he believes need to be heard. “There are a lot of really great comic books being published today, so you need to work to cultivate an audience and you need to work hard at that each and every day,” Frankel said. “In order to create a sustainable business, I need to make a commitment to these creators to get them noticed in a crowded marketplace. … We need to be bold and innovative so readers discover these comics and then fall in love with them like we have fallen in love with them.”

In that spirit, Frankel looks forward to building audiences for his latest releases. “There’s no house style, but these days there’s no need for a house style,” he said. “There’s a diverse audience of readers out there waiting to discover the next big thing in comics. We think this could be it. ”

(Note: Each of Z2’s fall titles will retail for $3.99.)