FOR THE first time, Marvel Studios has had a say in casting its big-screen Peter Parker. And the newest webslinger in the longtime Sony franchise is…

British teen actor Tom Holland.

Suit up, young man, and welcome to stardom!

Sony and Marvel also announced that the director for their latest Spider-Man reboot will be Jon Watts (“Cop Car”).

Holland might first don the Spidey suit for “Captain America: Civil War.” His first standalone film as Spider-Man is slated for July 2017.

(And yes, at least on social media, Mr. Holland comes across as still unfazed by this whole gathering fuss; as the announcement was made, his most recent tweet was about his pooch, Tessa.)

Holland is the second straight British-born actor to step into Hollywood’s Spidey-suit, after Andrew Garfield.

At 19, Holland is the youngest big-screen Spider-Man yet, by far. And depending on which agency/manager/spin-doctor you trust, he’s perhaps the shortest yet (listings vary from 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8), which is a bit of a pivot away from the older, somewhat lankier Garfield.

Holland made his film debut just three years ago, opposite Naomi Watts (who received an Oscar nom for her performance) and Ewan McGregor in the tsunami drama “The Impossible.” But he has been excelling on stage for years: He was 11 when he began playing the lead in “Billy Elliot” in London.

“For Spidey himself, we saw many terrific young actors, but Tom’s screen tests were special,” Tom Rothman, chair of Sony Pictures Motion Pictures Group, said in a news release. “All in all, we are off to a roaring start.” (Marvel announced in February that it had reached a partnership deal with Sony, so that their new Spider-Man could appear in both films for both studios; Marvel’s Kevin Feige and ex-Sony co-chair Amy Pascal will produce.)

Also working in Holland’s favor: He’s starred alongside a Marvel heavyweight before. Holland has completed production on the Ron Howard picture “In the Heart of the Sea” (due out at year’s end), which stars Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.