(CAVNA’S CANVAS 2015 / The Washington Post)

SERVER. Volley. A return drive and backhanded swipes.

Now the political tennis match really begins.

Hillary Clinton’s lawyer said Tuesday that his client has agreed to hand over to the FBI her private e-mail server from her years as secretary of State, as well as a thumb drive containing copies of e-mails she earlier gave to the State Department. And to try to put the right spin on this latest move, Clinton’s team paints this pivot as voluntary, coming months after Clinton said the server would remain private.

Since spring, much of the standoff was mired in a debate over transparency. Now what will come into play are such issues as protocol — and perhaps classified “top secret” e-mails — and the scope of the federal inquiry, as some Clinton aides move toward center stage as seemingly key players.

The game is on.

So in between Trump’s latest remarks and what’s going gangbusters over at Camp Sanders, the nation’s cartoonists are presented with yet another goldmine for political lampooning. Amid all the candidates, though, the question becomes: Is any of it actually fool’s gold?

(CAVNA’S CANVAS 2015 / The Washington Post)

Here are a handful of eye-catching cartoons on the Clinton e-mail inquiry:

NICK ANDERSON (Houston Chronicle):

(courtesy of NICK ANDERSON / Houston Chronicle and WPWG)


KEN CATALINO (Creators.com):

(by KEN CATALINO / Creators Syndicate)


GARY VARVEL (Indianapolis Star):

(by GARY VARVEL / Indianapolis Star and Creators)


STEVE KELLEY (Creators.com):

(by STEVE KELLEY / Creators Syndicate)


STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune):

(by STEVE SACK / Minneapolis Star Tribune and Cagle Cartoons)


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