IN JULY, Berkeley Breathed breathed life anew into Opus the Penguin and his entire Pulitzer-winning strip, as “Bloom County 2015” donned fresh wings to suddenly begin appearing on Facebook.

“The times have lightened. It’s a good time for silliness,” Breathed told Comic Riffs upon his return, a quarter-century after he mothballed “Bloom County.” Opus, the Meadow Party and the Trump satire were welcomed back with nostalgic gusto.

Now, Breathed has decided to return to syndicate distribution, as well. Universal UClick has announced that it is offering “Bloom County 2015” online, at

“I’ve had a long relationship with Uclick,” Breathed tells Comic Riffs, noting that he’s “delighted to work with them.” (“Bloom County” was launched by Washington Post Writers Group 35 years ago.)

“We’d been running his ‘Bloom County’ and ‘Academia Waltz’ archives on GoComics for years, so when he made the announcement of his return on Facebook, we saw an immediate big bounce in readership on both of his pre-existing GoComics features,” John Glynn, the president and editorial director of Universal Uclick, tells Comic Riffs. “I wrote to let him know about the analytics spike.”

“The first two days of traffic” with “Bloom County,” Glynn notes, “have been sensational.”

So does Breathed have any plans to return to the physical funny pages, as well?

“I don’t believe newspapers are buying anything anymore — comic strip-wise,” the cartoonist tells ‘Riffs. “They’ve given up, for the large part.

“I’m actually quite curious as to whether anyone has tried to syndicate a new feature in recent years.”

Well, like Opus’s wish for flight, a fella can still hope, with or without feathers.