AFTER THE successful debut of Hell’s Kitchen’s man without fear, “Daredevil,” Marvel and Netflix have announced when fans can dive into another superhero binge by teasing the debut of Jessica Jones.

“Jessica Jones,” starring Krysten Ritter as the title character, is the second act of Marvel’s four-show deal with Netflix (Luke Cage and Iron Fist are the others) that will conclude with the lead character of each show uniting to form “The Defenders.” Think of them as street-level Avengers.

(Image courtesy of Netflix/Marvel 2015)

Ahead of the Netflix show’s Nov. 20 debut, an introductory trailer arrived online today. Though we don’t get any show footage from the 13-episode series, we’re treated to scads of glass shards (perhaps a symbol of Jones’s short and not sweet time as a superhero), as well as a quick shot of a door that says “Alias Investigative” — a nod not only to the Brian Michael Bendis-penned comics from Marvel starring Jones, but also to her role on the show as a detective. (Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos introduced Jessica Jones in 2001’s Alias No. 1.)

A still from the new “Jessica Jones” trailer — or the opening of ESPN’s “SportsCenter”? (Image courtesy of Marvel/Netflix)

In the teaser trailer, as Of Monsters and Men’s song “Thousand Eyes” drones with haunting beauty, we are awash in blurred purples and oranges that are true to Alias cover artist David Mack and his liquid tints.

"Alias" art of Jessica Jones by David Mack. (Marvel MAX)
“Alias” art of Jessica Jones by David Mack. (Marvel MAX)

As for the rollout of these characters: Marvel’s next Netflix hero, Mike Colter (starring as Luke Cage), will get plenty of screen time in this series, as will David Tennant (who will play series bad guy Kilgrave). We don’t know whether Charlie Cox’s Daredevil will swing by for a quick cameo. If so, we’d imagine Marvel and Netflix would want to keep that a surprise.

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Despite Bendis’s acclaimed run on Alias, this is a character who is an unknown to many fans. Yet given the success of “Daredevil,” Netfilx has proved that its platform works well with Marvel — at least well enough to springboard Jessica Jones on many potential converts.

The showrunner for “Jessica Jones” is Melissa Rosenberg, a veteran of Showtime’s “Dexter” and the “Twilight” films. At the TCA press tour in July, Rosenberg told TV critics: ” ‘Jessica Jones’ is a very different show from ‘Daredevil.’ We exist in a cinematic universe. The mythology of the universe is connected, but it will look very different.

“Tonally, they’re very different. If you pick up Bendis’s Alias and pick up ‘Daredevil,’ they’re wildly different.”