I JUST want to know, cartoonist C. Spike Trotman joked, how she’s going to get those three bricks through airport security.

Trotman, as emcee of the Small Press Expo’s Ignatz Awards ceremony Saturday night, was quickly finding the funny as Sophia Foster-Dimino hit the brick trifecta, picking up three trophies — which are an inspired nod to George Herriman’s “Krazy Kat” — and leading the field for the esteemed indie award.

The night felt like a coronation for Foster-Dimino, who dazzled voters with her “Sex Fantasy” comic and was selected best Promising New Talent. At the lectern, the cartoonist looked genuinely moved by the moment. And how better to build a young career than brick by brick?

Sophie Goldstein also picked up multiple awards; her work “The Oven” was voted Outstanding Comic and Outstanding Graphic Novel. When Goldstein kept her remarks brief upon her second win, she warmly joked that she was following Foster-Dimino’s humbled lead.

And just two years after every presenter at the Ignatz ceremony was a woman, now, at this year’s event, every winner was a woman.

Also taking home bricks were such established comics stars as Eleanor Davis, Emily Carroll, Jillian Tamaki and Lilli Carré (a Chicago-based artist who, earlier in the day, screened beguiling experimental-animation clips during our SPX panel).

Since 1997, the expo’s Ignatz honor has celebrated “outstanding achievement in comics and cartooning.” (Disclosure: The ceremony is now sponsored by comiXology, which is now owned by Amazon, whose founder now owns The Post. The corporate ties, they abound.)

The ceremony was kicked off by SPX executive director Warren Bernard, who announced the dates (Sept. 17-18) of next year’s event.

Here is the full list of winners: