SMALL PRESS EXPO offers a wealth of creativity in a single efficient weekend. So much so that SPX executive director Warren Bernard, to provide a guilt-leavening metric, has boiled down the range of enrichment to a single speed-dating stat: If you tried to visit every publisher and creator on the floor, without interruption or break, he says, your limit would be three minutes per table. Attempt that, though, and you can’t even think about heading downstairs to sample the smartly curated programming.

But it is during that programming that an attuned moderator can tease out the personal tales alongside the professional tips — the unexpected insight by a panelist, or the revealing wrinkle tossed out like a sly aside.

And so I readied my sketchbook and tablet for these sessions last weekend, set to capture those flowing moments and unscripted sound bites that speak to the expo’s abundant gifts for the aspiring artist and hungry indie-comics fan alike. And then there was the event’s Ignatz Awards ceremony, which provides its own freewheeling spirit and honesty.

Here are some of those Comic Riffs sketches, as a mere taste of SPX 2015‘s wide and engaging menu options:

(Note: Comic Riffs moderated the animation panel.)