DAY BY day, his family and friends and colleagues wait.

Lie by lie, his captors keep him behind bars, sentenced and silenced.

And line by line, I mark each day that Justice is held hostage.

Today is Day 500 that Jason Rezaian, The Post’s correspondent in Tehran, has been detained, quietly found guilty of charges that include espionage, and held in Iran’s infamous Evin Prison.

Post Executive Editor Martin Baron calls today “the grimmest” of milestones. As The Post reported yesterday, Rezaian has been in captivity “56 days longer than the hostages held at the U.S. Embassy in Tehran after the 1979 Islamic revolution.”

Supporters, including Rezaian’s employer, has stepped up calls for the reporter’s release, The Post reported, “including updated filings by The Post with a U.N. panel” that “seek to boost international leverage on Iran.”

Line by line, I aim to illustrate a reminder that Rezaian, as The Post says, has endured a legal fiasco and sham.

Lie by lie, the Iranian justice system renders judgment, or misjudgment, in the darkness of secrecy.

“This isn’t a real case, but rather a case of political theater,” David W. Bowker, an attorney at the firm of WilmerHale who is representing The Post, was quoted as saying in this newspaper.

Demands grow louder in the belief that pressure can be increased.

Day 500 is the grimmest of milestones, indeed. But the noise needed to avert a Day 600, or longer, should not be dimmed.

Mark by mark, we hope justice can be drawn out of cruelty.