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‘Star Trek Beyond’: Trailer pulsates as part ‘Guardians,’ part ‘Fast and Furious’

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WELL, Justin Lin is certainly going boldly.

This is not your Grandpa Roddenberry’s Star Trek. Heck, this isn’t even your Papa Abrams’s Star Trek, even if his name is still attached as executive producer.

Today, we glimpse the first extended look at Lin’s vision, for next summer’s “Star Trek Beyond,” and the amped-up trailer genuinely feels somewhere between Lin’s Fast and the Furious franchise work and the wry banter of “Guardians of the Galaxy” (the latter of which should make Uhura’s Zoe Saldana very doubly comfortable)

There’s no reveal of Idris Elba’s villain yet — the promotion’s got to hold at least one ace in the hole — but we do see Sofia Boutella’s alien fighter.

Pump up the volume, because as the shipmates without a ship realize: The frontier is pushing back.