Wednesday update:

WE KNEW Yoda had the Force, but who knew he could still — possibly — take down Luke Skywalker?

A day after the wee, wise and wizened Jedi master took out Obi-Wan, he now leads Luke by a healthy margin as readers vote for the more “fascinating” Star Wars character.

Elsewhere, Han leads Leia, and Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine are on track for a Dark Side showdown.

You can vote on those races till midnight tonight, as fans pick the most compelling character ahead of Friday’s release of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Shall Luke live on? Time is running out.

Monday’s post:

IT’S THE kind of conversation that, given the right impassioned fandom, can extend for long stretches at your favorite neighborhood cantina.

The simple question that can launch a thousand lips: “Which is the most fascinating Star Wars character?”

“Jabba!” replies Chip Zdarsky, the Eisner Award-winning artist and comics creator who has just rendered a Star Wars: Vader Down variant cover for Marvel Comics. “Like, what’s his deal? Is there some hidden power he has that the viewers don’t know about? ‘Cause literally anyone can kill him with that unmoving body and tiny arms. So how does he inspire loyalty among thieves and murderers?”

Zdarsky, who this month has a new Kaptara (Image Comics) book out, also cheekily questions Jabba the Hutt’s cross-species orientation when highlighting what makes the villain so fascinating.

“What was up with him wanting Leia as a sexy slave?” Zdarsky poses to Comic Riffs. “She’s so far removed from his species it makes no sense. It would be like the Emperor having a lady Jabba in a bikini as his sexy slave.

“There’s more to Jabba than meets the eye, man.”

And that, in some ways, can be said about every major or semi-major Star Wars character. The question persists: What makes each of them so fascinating, in terms of both narrative and what might mysteriously lie in George Lucas’s margins?

Ahead of Friday’s rabidly anticipated release of the seventh main film, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” Comic Riffs asked our resident panel of experts — as well as such bestselling authors as Zdarsky, Tom Angleberger (“Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side”; the Origami Yoda series) and Tony DiTerlizzi (“The Adventures of Luke Skywalker, Jedi Knight”) — which characters most fascinate them. That feedback became Our List. (And of course, there were dozens of characters painfully left on our lightsaber-cutting room floor. All hurt to leave out… except Jar Jar Binks.)

Now, it’s your turn.

From that list, The Post’s Comic Riffs has created an interactive Star Wars readers’ bracket. Day by day, round by round, you can vote for your favorite characters till we whittle this down to Friday’s big showdown.

And today, we kick things off with not only first-round voting, but you can also cast your ballot to determine who gets added to the main draw. This gives four of the “new kids” a chance to factor in: two of the fresh “Force Awakens” protagonists, and two of its intriguing new villains.

To launch just the bracket you’re looking for, let the voting begin.

May the Force of your fandom be with you.

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