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‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ becomes the fastest film ever to $1-billion mark

The latest 'Star Wars' installment crossed the $1 billion mark in ticket sales faster than any other movie in history. (Video: Reuters)

“STAR WARS: The Force Awakens” continues to blow past box-office records like the Millennium Falcon on a Kessel Run.

The latest mark to fall: The seventh main Star Wars film has just crossed the $1-billion mark in worldwide gross faster than any movie in history.

“The Force Awakens” grossed $153.5-million domestically over the holiday weekend — the largest Christmas holiday tally ever, and the biggest second-weekend take ever, according to studio estimates Sunday. (Final numbers are due Monday.) * The film dipped only 38-percent in its second weekend.

In North American theaters, “Force Awakens” set another record as part of its lightspeed clip: a Christmas Day take of $49.3-million.

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Roughly half of the new film’s global take has come from domestic box office: a whopping $544.6-million. Combine that with a $546-million take overseas, and “The Force Awakens” has already grossed $1.09-billion worldwide.

And boosted by Star Wars, Disney has just surpassed $2-billion for the year in total domestic gross — the first time the company has ever done so.

Disney bought Lucasfilm in 2012 for $4-billion. The “Force Awakens” toys alone, according to some estimates, could reap $3-billion.

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* Domestically, “Force Awakens” is already the second biggest film of the year, trailing only “Jurassic World” ($652-million).

* Disney has three of the year’s top-four releases in domestic gross. Besides Star Wars, the Mouse House released Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” ($459-million) and Pixar’s “Inside Out” ($356.5-million).

* Domestically, after just 10 days, “The Force Awakens” is already the fifth-biggest film ever (not adjusted for inflation — as it looks to topple the champion “Avatar” ($760.5-million). Worldwide, “Force Awakens” is already the 15th-biggest film ever.


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