[This post has been updated.]

LAST NIGHT, my thoughts turned to Jason Rezaian, and how a wise friend who long ago served in the Iranian army once predicted that Jason would be home by the new year. And I was saddened by the fact that hadn’t come to pass.

Now, two weeks into the new year, that feeling can turn to elation.

Now, we can celebrate, and rejoice.

Jason Rezaian, The Post’s Tehran correspondent, is being freed after a year and a half behind bars, according to Iranian outlets.

“Four U.S. citizens imprisoned in Iran, including Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian, are to be freed in a prisoner swap, according to Iranian news agencies,” The Post reports this morning.

The news comes out of Vienna, where the nuclear agreement with Iran is in its final stages, upon certification that Iran has met its commitments.

And so, after a year of marking the days of injustice through illustration, I now put down that pen and instead raise an exultant fist, cheering alongside my colleagues and thinking warmly of Jason’s family members, who have so bravely weathered this ordeal — after Jason was “arrested without cause” and mistreated and abused — even as they worked to persuade leaders to win his release.

Today, we are eager to utter in person the three words we have waited so long to say:

“Welcome home, Jason.”



[This post has been updated.]