MARISSA MEYER is bringing her intergalactic characters into a new dimension.

Meyer is the author of “The Lunar Chronicles,” the series of YA sci-fi novels that sits atop the bestseller lists, in stellar company with “The Mazerunner,” “Divergent” and “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” And now, surely to much rejoicing soon by her legions of fans, the Washington state-based author is entering the graphic-novel market.

Meyer and publisher MacMillan have set the course: She’s writing a two-book graphic-novel duet. “Wires and Nerve,” with illustrations by Douglas Holgate, is set to debut next January. Set after the events of the “Lunar Chronicles,” it will feature many of the same characters, including Iko the android, as well as: Cinder, the teen cyborg who has a wicked stepmother; Scarlet, the space pilot who works with street-fighter Wolf; Cress, the hacker who is imprisoned like some satellite Rapunzel; and Winter, the princess who loves a commoner.

“Writing graphic novels has been on my ultimate writing dream list since I was a teenager,” Meyer, 31, tells The Post’s Comic Riffs, “and I’m so thrilled to be able to make the dream a reality, while also expanding on the story of ‘The Lunar Chronicles.’”

Meyer notes that her window into comics, as with so many fans of the form, was mostly manga.

“I used to spend hours hunting down English translations online for some of my favorites — or when a translation couldn’t be found, analyzing every detail of the artwork to try to piece the story together in my own imagination,” Meyer tells us. “To this day, comics and graphic novels are one of my favorite forms of storytelling, and I can’t wait for readers to experience the world of the Lunar Chronicles in such a wonderfully visual format.”

The announcement comes just hours ahead of tomorrow’s release of the “Lunar Chronicles” short-story collection “Stars Above.”