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‘Supergirl’s’ Flash crossover: Here’s her best power that both Batman and Superman lack

Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the Flash (Grant Gustin) join forces for Monday’s special crossover episode. (courtesy of CBS)

WHO WINS a race between Supergirl and The Flash?

Easy: CBS.

Monday night’s crossover between CBS’s Girl of Steel and the CW’s Fastest Man Alive was fun, funny and a breath of fresh air in the wake of DC Entertainment’s other superhero crossover this week (“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”), which many felt was brooding and lacking in laughs.

From the moment that the Flash (Grant Gustin) and Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) lay eyes on each other, this episode achieves elevation. The Flash has been working to increase his speed while he deals with an even faster villain on his own show. He now finds himself on Supergirl’s Earth after running so fast that he skips through dimensions of the DC Comics’ television multiverse.
Let’s call it a crisis on Supergirl’s Earth.

The two heroes meet when Supergirl villain Silver Banshee uses her high, ear-piercing scream to knock Kara Danvers (Supergirl’s secret identity) out of a window and falling toward the street below.

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Kara is Supergirl, of course, so she would have survived the crash — but the Flash doesn’t know that. He zooms in to rescue her. This moment gives us our amusing and high-energy super-pairing.

While the Flash (aka Barry Allen) is stuck on Supergirl’s Earth, he gets to meet everyone in her life when she takes him to her day job. The punch lines ensue.

The line of the night goes to Cat Grant, Supergirl’s made-for-TV boss, who can heat and serve sarcasm in the deftest deadpan.

Cat looks at a blurry photo of the Flash rescuing Kara and says there’s a new superhero in town. Since he’s super-fast, she wants to name him immediately. And she’s got the perfect name: the whoosh. Barry says that might not be the best name and immediately received a Cat Grant “who the heck are you?” look. Cat — looking at Kara, Barry, Jimmy Olsen and Kara’s best friend, Winn –points out the awkwardness of the group when everyone claims to be Barry’s cousin. Says Cat: They look like the “attractive, nonthreatening, diverse cast of a CW show,” (The Flash of course is a superhero on an attractively cast, nonthreatening, diverse show on the CW.)

The Flash and Supergirl join forces to take on Silver Banshee and the electrically powered Livewire. The good guys win, of course, but the real victory is that this network-hopping crossover works.

There’s even get a “race” between Supergirl and the Flash (who uses Supergirl’s extra speed and strength as a push in the right direction to get back to his Earth).

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The producers also used this high-profile episode to highlight the growing sparks between Kara and Jimmy. Kara finally made the first move and kissed Jimmy, since she’s tired of pretending she doesn’t feel anything for him, and she wants Jimmy to come clean on his feelings for her, too. It’s a lovely moment that lasts for about five seconds, when Jimmy is non-responsive after the kiss and walks out of Kara’s apartment seemingly under mind control.

The Flash is no longer around to help Supergirl, but hopefully he’ll make a speedy return to CBS — or even better, may he invite Supergirl to the CW side of the DC Comics television multiverse.

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