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Why so serious? New ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer ups the ante for cheeky superhero-film humor.

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WILL “DEADPOOL” still be 2016’s funniest superhero film by year’s end?

Not if “Suicide Squad” can help it.

DC’s August release not only has the Joker; it’s got jokes. And judging by tonight’s new trailer, which debuted at the MTV Movie Awards, the filmmakers are aiming to stack the deck with humor.

DC Comics may have tamped down its movie humor this millennium, but “Suicide Squad” — like “Deadpool” — aims to bring the cheeky antihero fun.

Stealing every sneak-peek so far has been Harley Quinn. With bat in hand, Margot Robbie keeps knocking her lines out of the park.

Viola Davis brings commanding authority as Amanda Waller, while Will Smith’s Deadshot still looks to be the quick-quipping social glue holding this band together.

With all those roles apparently clicking, Jared Leto needn’t worry about trying to match Heath Ledger’s Oscar-winning Clown Prince of Crime; he merely has to bring the kind of crazy that stirs this larger Molotov cocktail of chaos.

Which, with Harley as bartender, is just what comic-book audiences are ordering.

Director David Ayer’s film opens Aug. 5.