FOR A MAJORITY of voters on each side of the political aisle, this has become the Clothespin Campaign. Something is needed to block the distinct whiff of dislike, lest voters need both hands free to pull back the curtain and punch their ballot for the lesser of two presidential evils.

At least so says the polling of the presumptive nominees, as RealClearPolitics puts Donald Trump’s unfavorability rating at 65 percent, and Hillary Clinton’s at 55 percent. The Washington Post reports on just how historically dreadful those numbers are.

And so says the satire about the presumptive nominees, in turn, as many humorists try to laugh to keep from weeping.

Here is how some of the cartoonists across the land are coming to terms with this probable presidential showdown:


(by Lisa Benson / Washington Post Writers Group 2016)

CLAY BENNETT (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

(by Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press 2016)

WALT HANDELSMAN (New Orleans Advocate):

(by Walt Handelsman / New Orleans Advocate 2016)

NICK ANDERSON (Houston Chronicle):

(by Nick Anderson / Houston Chronicle & WPWG 2016)

JOEL PETT (Lexington Herald Leader):

(by Joel Pett / Lexington Herald Leader 2016)
(by Joel Pett / Lexington Herald Leader 2016)


(by Darrin Bell / Washington Post Writers Group 2016)

GARY VARVEL (Indianapolis Star):

(by Gary Varvel / Indianapolis Star 2016)


(by Michael Ramirez / 2016)