Superman v Captain America: Box-Office War. (Left: Warner Bros. Entertainment., Ratpac-Dune Entertainment and Ratpac Entertainment. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures. Right: Courtesy of Disney/Marvel)

SORRY, Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne. A fellow comic-book character also born in the World War II era is winning the tale of the tape.

That’s because right where “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” began to grow slack six weeks ago — during the film’s second weekend in domestic release — “Captain America: Civil War” continues to show box-office strength.

Warner Bros./DC’s “B v S” was hailed for “defying” the critics when it debuted to a healthy $166 million domestically in March — a total that Disney/Marvel’s “Civil War” topped in the first weekend in May, when it opened to $179 million. This two-horse race, in other words, started reasonably close.

Each film’s second weekend, however, has proved more telling: “B v S” plummeted nearly 70 percent in its second North American frame; this past weekend, “Civil War” dropped just less than 60 percent.

The result: The third film in the Captain America franchise grossed $72.6 million domestically to win the weekend, according to studio estimates Sunday; final numbers are due Monday. That represents one of the top 10 biggest second weekends ever.

“Civil War,” in fact, beat all comers with its Sunday receipts alone (estimated $21 million). The second-place film for the weekend was Disney’s “The Jungle Book” ($17.8 million), followed by the debut of TriStar’s Wall Street thriller “Money Monster” ($15 million).

So “Civil War” can now be declared the winner in its head-to-head with “Batman v Superman.” Some key stats in this matchup:

* Civil War” ($941 million) has already passed “B v S” ($869 million) in worldwide gross, according to

* “Civil War” ($645 million) has likewise already sped past “B v S” ($541 million) in overseas gross.

* “Civil War” ($296 million) is poised to soon pass “B v S” ($328 million) in domestic gross — after which it can set its sights on another Marvel Comics character: Fox’s “Deadpool” ($363 million).

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The next superhero film to take on Cap, Batman and Deadpool will be “X-Men: Apocalypse,” which opens May 27.


* “Zootopia” ($970 million worldwide) and “Civil War” ($941 million) are in a close race to become the year’s first billion-dollar money monster. That’s a win-win for Disney, of course, which distributed both.

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* Disney, in fact, has crossed the threshold of $1 billion in 2016 domestic ticket sales in just 128 days — a record.

* The 13 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have now grossed more than a combined $10 billion worldwide.

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde in Disney’s smash “Zootopia.” (Walt Disney Animation 2016)

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