AS HILLARY CLINTON works to deliver a persuasive message to California primary voters, it’s the message she sent to State Department investigators that continues to bedevil her efforts to move on.

The State Department’s inspector general report was released last week, revealing that the Democratic front-runner indeed violated policies regarding use of private email, though her practices apparently did not “maliciously” flout the rules.

“But what’s damning in the new report,” The Post’s Dana Milbank writes, “is her obsessive and counterproductive secrecy.” Four secretaries of state past and present agreed to inspector general interviews; Clinton and some of her former department aides did not.

Is this stonewalling? And does that depend on what your definition of “is” is? Milbank calls her Hunkered Hillary, which speaks to how some view her on the campaign trail: a presidential candidate running not only for something but from something.

This, of course, is all more satirical red meat for the nation’s cartoonists to skewer. Here’s how Clinton gets served, if not servered:

MATT DAVIES (Newsday):

STEVE BENSON (Arizona Republic):

ADAM ZYGLIS (Buffalo News):

STEVE KELLEY (Creators Syndicate):

STEVE BREEN (San Diego Union-Tribune):

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

BOB GORRELL (Creators Syndicate):

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