THERE IS just something about Donald Trump. From rhetoric to hairstyle, he has that certain, oh, je ne sais coif. And the world’s cartoonists can’t help themselves. Ahead of the Republican convention in Cleveland, you can join in the visual joy, too. The project: Show us your Trump!

Some actors simply spawn impersonators, and some public figures absolutely inspire caricature. And Trump, love him or berate him, is one ripe figure for visual caricature.

Who knows why? Steve Breen, the right-leaning cartoonist for the San Diego Union-Tribune has a theory: “A cartoonist is inexorably drawn to Trump’s bombastic arrogance,” he tells Comic Riffs, “like a lecherous multimillionaire is attracted to a young, Slavic model.”

Regardless of the reason, the point is that one requisite aspect of a healthy democracy is the lampooning of our leaders. (We’ll get to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ahead of her own convention.) And so we’re reaching out to you to doodle along.

The steps:

1. Draw your take on Donald Trump ahead of the GOP convention.

2. Share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #PostMyTrump. 

3. Visit this space during the convention to see a gallery curated from the #PostMyTrump drawings.

Good luck — and happy sketching!

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