MANY ARTISTS just cannot resist drawing popular cartoon characters; it’s simply too much fun. And when those characters find a new type of virality across national borders, well, then it becomes like skewering fish in a barrel.

So when the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go exploded after the release of its app last week, cartoonists were primed to capture all the metaphors they could.

Some editorial artists, like the Columbus Dispatch’s Nate Beeler, went for the pure social angle (the cool kids vs. those not so up on their Pokémon characters). Others, like the syndicated Drew Sheneman, zeroed in on the inappropriate places that even some adults were playing the game. (See: Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington.)


And still other cartoonists went political, whether it was the Salt Lake Tribune’s Pat Bagley placing the roaming handheld game within the context of recent American violence or the Sacramento Bee’s Jack Ohman drafting Pikachu into the American presidential campaign.


Here is some of the best PokeWork of the week:

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

TOM JANSSEN (The Netherlands):

DREW SHENEMAN (Tribune Content Agency):

PAT BAGLEY (Salt Lake Tribune):


JEFF STAHLER (Universal Uclick):

JACK OHMAN (Sacramento Bee):

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