THE BEATLES’ “Hack in the U.S.S.R.”

“Vlad to the Bone / Putin’ on the Ritz (medley)”

“Debbie in a Blue Dress”

So many songs, it seems, could have made the Democratic Convention playlist so far to aptly reflect the headlines and headliners of the week in Philly.

“He Ain’t Heavy (He’s My Bernie)”

“Michelle (Her Spell)”

“Won’t You Carry Me, Hill? (Wedding Bill Blues)”

Yes, if the pundits had been DJ’ing the DNC — which has ranged from stirring political passion to silly, over-the-top mocking — you might hear far more than “Fight Song” and Bono piping into the Wells Fargo Center.

“Purple Kaine”

“Ms. Albright-side”

“Hey Joe (Where You Going With That Trump in Your Hand?)”

Instead of spinning tunes, though, we have the spin of toons this week.

Here is how some of America’s top editorial cartoonists are painting the DNC convention:

[The best cartoons ridiculing the GOP convention — and Melania Trump’s plagiarism]

STEVE BREEN (San Diego Union-Tribune): 

by Steve Breen / San Diego Union-Tribune 2016

[How ‘Doonesbury’ predicted Donald Trump’s presidential run 29 years ago]


STEVE KELLEY (Creators Syndicate):

by Steve Kelley / Creators.com 2016

[Here is the true secret to mocking newly minted nominee Donald Trump]


MIKE LUCKOVICH (Atlanta Journal Constitution):

by Mike Luckovich / Atlanta Journal Constitution 2016

[Donald Trump will win in a landslide. *The mind behind ‘Dilbert’ explains why.]
MATT DAVIES (Newsday):

by Matt Davies / Newsday 2016

[This is the ‘definitive’ comedy takedown of Donald Trump, courtesy of The Onion’s co-founder]


ROB ROGERS (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):

by Rob Rogers / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2016
by Rob Rogers / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette 2016

[As Hillary Clinton hits a milestone, Bernie Sanders remains her pebble (A cartoon roundup)]


LALO ALCARAZ (Universal Uclick):

by Lalo Alcaraz / Universal Uclick 2016

MATT BORS (Universal Uclick):

by Matt Bors / Universal Uclick 2016

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

by Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch 2016

MICHAEL RAMIREZ (Weekly Standard):

Michael Ramirez / Weekly Standard & Creators.com 2016

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