WHEN THE Olympic dash and four-by relays are in season, so is the journalistic sprint of mash-ups by metaphor.

Come on in — the pool of ideas is just fine.

During a marathon of an electoral season, cartoonists the world over are quick to seize on new forms of creative fuel to stoke their work. And once the Olympic flame was lit in Rio, the sport of visually invoking the Games to comment on politics was afoot.

From Trump to Clinton to forever Russia, the globe’s visual commentators are getting creatively juiced on the natural blend that is the sport of politics.

Here’s a sampling of how they’re showing their editorial mettle so far:

MIKE LUCKOVICH (Atlanta Journal-Constitution): 

BILL SCHORR (Cagle Cartoons):

JERRY HOLBERT (Boston Herald):

STUART CARLSON (Universal Uclick):

SEAN DELONAS (Cagle Cartoons):


MIKE KEEFE (Cagle Cartoons):

CLAY JONES (Universal Uclick):

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