(Cavna’s Canvas / The Washington Post 2016)

SARCASM, historically regarded as one of mankind’s most pernicious inventions ever as judged by men whose names begin with “Kim Jong,” has officially died in North Korea this month, according to government sources within the “greatest” and most “self-reliant” nation on the planet — in other words, one of the world’s top creators of leader-idolization propaganda campaigns.

(Washington Post 2016)

dJust what sort of propaganda posters will now blanket the Hermit Kingdom, now that Kim Jong Un cannot even stand up to the dreaded assault of Sarcasm, let alone Parody?

In addition, the popular phrase “It’s all America’s fault” will actually be banned from public use (though Kim Jong Un himself will surely still parade Dennis Rodman about as the great champion basketball player, seemingly second only to himself).

Kim’s new propaganda posters? (Cavna’s Canvas / The Washington Post 2016)

No word yet on whether potentially sardonic double-entendres toward Kim — such as, say, “a hair cut” — are now endangered.

Kim’s new propaganda posters? (Cavna’s Canvas / The Washington Post 2016)

(Fact: During the reign of Kim Jong Un’s father — Kim Jong Il — “North Korean humor” not only reflected a repressive system, but was also often a healthy outlet in reaction to that system. You can see some of that era’s jokes here.)

(Cavna’s Canvas / The Washington Post 2016)

Sarcasm in North Korea is survived by Irony, at least until the Greatest and Wisest Leader in Human History figures out quite what that is.


(Cavna’s Canvas / The Washington Post 2016)

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