(Cavna’s Canvas 2016 / The Washington Post)

After Donald Trump’s presidential win, as “stunned” world leaders extended their congratulations to him, cartoonists on foreign shores began to render their reactions through the often wordless pen.

Here are their visual responses from the first wave of artworks:

HAJJAJ (Jordan):

by Hajjaj / Jordan (CagleCartoons.com)

NATH (United Arab Emirates):

by Nath / UAE (CagleCartoons.com)

KAMENSKY (Slovakia):

by Marian Kamensky / Slovakia (CagleCartoons.com) 2016
(Marian Kamensky/CagleCartoons.com)

ARCADIO (Costa Rica):

by Arcadio / Costa Rica (CagleCartoons.com) 2016

BROELMAN (Australia):

by Peter Broelman / Australia (CagleCartoons.com) 2016
(Peter Broelman/CagleCartoons.com)

HAJO (The Netherlands):

by Hajo / The Netherlands (CagleCartoons.com) 2016

KIRSCHEN (Israel):

by Kirschen / Israel, The Jerusalem Post (CagleCartoons.com) 2016
(Kirschen/The Jerusalem Post/CagleCartoons.com)

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