IN PERHAPS “South Park’s” best single-day rewrite ever, the Clintons and the show’s Colorado denizens absorb the nation’s presidential results just hours after real-life Hillary Clinton conceded.

Wednesday night’s episode, as originally written, was to focus on Bill Clinton’s becoming the first First Gentleman. But Donald Trump’s poll-defying victory forced creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone to scramble at the 11th hour, changing the episode, retitled “Oh, Jeez,” to reflect at least half the nation’s blindsided surprise and electoral mourning.

In the show’s trademark style of paper-cut animation (so crisply digitally rendered), mouths are agape all over South Park, as the Marsh family and their neighbors sit in awkward and dumbstruck silence, as it witnessing a national car crash.

At one point, papa Randy Marsh declares: “A woman can be anything — except for president.”

Three characters who remain in full-action mode, though, are Hillary and Bill Clinton and the show’s Trump avatar during the season-long election arc, schoolteacher Mr. Garrison.

Two true villains in all this, according to “South Park,” are sexism and the mind-numbing allure of nostalgia.

Hillary ostensibly drafts super-troll Gerald (with a nice Denver Broncos nod) for an international plot to stop the world’s most damaging online-leaks fallout. Meanwhile, her husband drafts a fellow Bill, Cosby, into his “gentlemen’s club,” spreading the message that women are growing sick of male misbehavior (and worse) and will eventually topple the patriarchy, rendering men (mostly) irrelevant and sentencing them to subterranean confinement.

“South Park” famously creates each episode within a week, as chronicled in the 2011 TV documentary “Six Days to Air.” And in 2008, the show impressively turned around the episode “About Last Night . . .” to react to Barack Obama’s first presidential win, less than 24 hours after it was official.

In not only reflecting reality but also tapping part of the national mood, “Oh, Jeez” tops the series’s 2008 feat.

As one narrative cap on “South Park’s” Season 20 themes, “Oh, Jeez” should help the Comedy Central series win yet another Emmy Award. Hillary Clinton may have lost, but the satiric “Hillary Clinton” deserves to deliver a victory speech.

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