The Justice League comes together. (Courtesy of Warner Bros.)

Slowly but surely, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are getting closer to an eventual new trailer release for “Justice League.” Until then, fans will have to enjoy updates via “Justice League’s” social media accounts.

On Sunday, various social media accounts and some of the “Justice League” actors tweeted a new image of the superhero team (after it debuted at USA Today) all suited up and looking ready for combat.

The new “Justice League” image features Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa).

Superman (Henry Cavill) is noticeably missing, but that is to be expected since (spoiler alert if you haven’t seen “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice”) he was killed by Doomsday the last time he appeared on-screen. “Justice League” director Zack Snyder has said he liked the idea of the super-team having to work together without their most powerful member, at least briefly.

Still, it’s no secret that Superman, much as he did after he died at the hands of Doomsday in the comics in the early ’90s, will return to help the Justice League fight the threat that is forcing them to team up in the first place. When the original “Justice League” trailer debuted last summer at San Diego Comic-Con, WB and DC released an image featuring the team that included Superman. Other clues are more mysterious, such as when Cavill posted a close-up photo of an all-black Kryptonian suit, hinting that, just as in the comics, when Superman returns, he could be in an all-black suit.


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This new image also confirms that Aquaman, who did not seem too fond of Bruce Wayne when the billionaire vigilante was trying to recruit him in the debut “Justice League” trailer, eventually comes around and joins the team.

We also get a slight look of the Justice League members exiting the Flying Fox, the multistory aircraft built by Batman to serve as a mobile headquarters and transportation for the team. (It’s named after the world’s largest and most intimidating bat.)

That threat the Justice League is facing could be classic DC Comics villain Darkseid, given that, in “Batman v. Superman” and the “Justice League” trailer, there are Mother Boxes, extremely powerful and intelligent devices from Darkseid’s home world of Apokolips, and Darkseid minion Steppenwolf, who could be the first bad guy the Justice League goes up against.

“Justice League” arrives in theaters Nov. 17.

Correction: This post originally said that the official “Justice League” Twitter account tweeted the photo. It actually retweeted a “Justice League” actor, who had tweeted the photo. The tweet embedded in this post, from @JL_Movie, is a fan twitter account, not the official account.

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