CHARM WILL only get you so far if you’re wearing Spandex. And in the case of “Deadpool,” a sly grin and a subversive wink weren’t good enough to get through the self-serious Academy’s door.

Despite a winningly smirking Oscars campaign and much critical love, “Deadpool” was shut out come Tuesday’s Academy Awards nominations.

Oscars speculation had grown around “Deadpool” after the film received Golden Globe nominations for best comedy/musical and best actor, for Ryan Reynolds. The fourth-wall-breaking film adapted from the Marvel comics was the Smaller Superhero Film That Could at the box office and then on the regional critics and guild awards circuit.


Would “Deadpool” actually sneak in as a best picture nominee? Would Reynolds slip in with an acting nod, or would an adapted-screenplay nom come the film’s way?


That, it turns out, was all wishful thinking by fans. “Deadpool” was shut out even in the major technical categories.

Instead, the realm of superheroes is represented by Marvel’s “Doctor Strange” for visual effects, and “Suicide Squad” for makeup/hairstyling.

Other than animation, the year’s highest-grossing blockbusters can be found only in the tech categories, including “Rogue One” (visual effects and sound mixing), “The Jungle Book” (visual effects) and “Star Trek Beyond” (like “Suicide Squad,” nominated for makeup/hairstyling).

Another year, another dearth of superhero recognition in major categories.

In Hollywood in recent years, only the subversive “Birdman” can fly — it claimed best picture.

The Academy Awards will be Feb. 26.