When the title for episode eight of “Star Wars” was revealed to be “The Last Jedi,” including a logo reveal with blood red letters instead of the standard “Star Wars” yellow, some fans could have assumed this was a warning sign.

Rey and her blue lightsaber could be that last Jedi standing. She recently reconnected with Luke Skywalker at the end of “The Force Awakens,” but the title implies Luke might not be around long. No “Star Wars” legend is safe as long as Kylo Ren remains on the path of the Dark Side — as proven when Kylo Ren, the grandson of Darth Vader, fatally struck down Han Solo, his own father, in “The Force Awakens.”

Then again, sometimes the Force speaks to you in another language.

The official Spain Star Wars Twitter account recently tweeted the Spanish version of the title for “Star Wars” episode eight. Whereas in English, “The Last Jedi” alludes to the possibility of only one Jedi left standing, the Spanish title, “Los Últimos Jedi,” refers to the Jedi in the plural sense. If they were referring to only one Jedi, the title would read “El Último Jedi.”

Perhaps that means Luke Skywalker will be by Rey’s side on a journey that almost certainly includes a lightsaber rematch between Rey and Kylo Ren. In their first battle in “The Force Awakens,” Kylo Ren was injured and Rey was not even trained in the ways of the Jedi. The two were separated as the planet they fought on began to collapse because of ruptured fuel cells.

The next time Kylo Ren and Rey meet, he will surely have had more practice with the Dark Side, and Rey more than likely will have received some expert Jedi training.

The only question is will Luke Skywalker be there when Kylo Ren and Rey meet again.

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