THIS MONTH, we are discovering the degree to which President Trump is a visual learner.

Amid the ongoing tragedy in Syria last week, The Washington Post reported that Trump’s team made a request in January: Could the intelligence briefings please be delivered with less verbiage and more visuals? Ramp up the graphics and pictures, in other words, because the president is “a visual and auditory learner.”

Which means that those editorial writers who might really want to influence the president have been going about it all wrong. This news, on the other hand, should be encouraging to cartoonists, photographers, graphic designers and Alec Baldwin.

Which is where you come in.

Do you want to raise the likelihood that the White House, perhaps even by the Twitter-loving boss himself, might notice your message? Then it’s time to lift a pen and begin scribbling your visuals.

That’s right: Simply draw your message for President Trump and post it to social media with the hashtag #MyDoodle4Donald.

Comic Riffs will publish and retweet some of the most interesting ones.

Health care? American jobs? Civil rights or Russia? Now’s the time to tear down the walls of communication. Happy doodling!