White House press secretary Sean Spicer on April 11 said Adolf Hitler didn't use chemical weapons during World War II. Hitler's regime exterminated millions of Jews in gas chambers. (Reuters)

IT HAS BEEN the week of the ramped-up apology.

From “the friendly skies” to the less-than-friendly White House news briefings, ill-considered decisions have led to viral video clips sparking international uproar.

In the case of press secretary Sean Spicer, he kept digging the hole deeper this week as he tried to clarify how he meant to invoke Hitler as some comparative of evil to Assad — effectively overlooking the deaths of millions of Jews. During Passover, no less.

[Spicer: Hitler ‘didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons,’ although he sent Jews to ‘the Holocaust center’]

Spicer quickly became late-night bait — including on “Kimmel” — and in the cold light of morning, the press secretary apologized again Wednesday at a Newseum event, calling his own words “inexcusable and reprehensible.”

Here is how America’s cartoonists have recently been painting Spicer in a satirical light:

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

by Nate Beeler / Columbus Dispatch (CagleCartoons.com)

TAYLOR JONES (Cagle Cartoons):

by Taylor Jones / Cagle Cartoons (CagleCartoons.com) 2017


by Darrin Bell / Washington Post Writers Group 2017

CLAY BENNETT (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

by Clay Bennett / Chattanooga Times Free Press (CagleCartoons.com) 2017

TOM TOLES’s sketchpad (The Washington Post):

by Tom Toles / Toles’s Sketchpad / The Washington Post 2017

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