Artist Dan Parent is returning to a new monthly Archie Comics series “Your Pal Archie” debuting in July. (Archie Comics)

Classic Archie is back with a new style.

Archie Comics has gotten a couple of revamps recently, but now a new comic book series will debut this summer featuring the classically cartoony art style Archie fans have known for decades.

Fan-favorite Archie artist Dan Parent is returning with “Your Pal Archie,” which will debut in print and digitally on July 26. The series will be written and inked by Ty Templeton and edited by Victor Gorelick, who is now in his 60th year with Archie Comics.

With the recent debuts of “Afterlife with Archie” (illustrated by Francesco Francavilla) in 2013 and the new “Archie” reboot (the first volume was illustrated by Fiona Staples, Veronica Fish and Annie Wu) in 2015, Parent’s artwork was no longer seen in Archie’s most mainstream titles.

The 52-year-old Parent is in his 30th year illustrating for the company and in that time his version of Archie has become the artistic standard. Despite the recent art style change, Parent continues to draw Archie digests and a digital only series, “Life with Kevin,” starring popular Archie character Kevin Keller. While still staying busy, Parent admits he thought there might not be another opportunity to draw a monthly print Archie series.

“Well, I sort of wondered at first what might happen, but I’ve been busier than ever drawing in the classic style,” Parent told the Post’s Comic Riffs. “I had a feeling a classic monthly title might come back into the fold. So here it is.”

Parent considers himself fortunate to have been able to draw in the same style at one publisher for so long. His style is based on the art of previous Archie Comics artists, Dan DeCarlo and Bob Montana.

“When the reboot style was introduced, it was a big deal and garnered a lot of new fans. Fiona Staples has a huge following, deservedly so,” Parent said. “But I always had faith in the classic style, and knew it would coexist with the new style. And it has.”

Artist Fiona Staples helped introduce a redesigned Archie in 2015. (Archie Comics)

Parent will be slightly altering his classic artistic approach to Archie, Betty, Veronica and the rest of the Riverdale gang. He turned to the new Archie-inspired CW hit television show “Riverdale” for inspiration.

“The influence from [“Riverdale”] is more of a fashion makeover for me. I’ve changed the hairstyles a bit, and the clothes. And the faces are a little more detailed, but the line work is still the simple classic lines I’ve always used,” Parent said. “I hate over-rendering and too many lines, so I won’t go there. Less is more.”

Archie will also be hitting the weights a bit and have a slightly more buff frame, like his “Riverdale” television counterpart, actor K.J. Apa.

“Yes, that’s part of the fashion makeover,” Parent said. “But, along with the good looks, he has to be a little goofy too. It’s about striking a balance.”

As for his artistic take on Archie being considered the “classic” style, Parent has no complaints.

 “I never thought I’d do anything in my life for 30 years,” he said. “But I grew up loving these characters. And I still love them as much as I did when I was 10 years old.”

Dan Parent’s classic Archie art style is still used in digests published by Archie Comics. (Archie Comics)

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(courtesy of Archie Comics 2017)
(courtesy of Archie Comics 2017)