SUNDAY WILL officially mark Bob Mankoff’s final day as cartoon editor of the New Yorker, capping a two-decade tenure. But the occasion also prompts him to reflect on his four-decade history as a contributor to the magazine.

“When I look back on those [hundreds of] cartoons over the course of my career,” Mankoff tells The Washington Post’s Comic Riffs, “the thing they embody is that they are both timely and timeless.”

Mankoff, who will continue to work on a cartoon encyclopedia project for the magazine, accepts that his “calling-card” work will forever be a cartoon with the iconic caption: “No, Thursday’s out. How about never — is never good for you?” Mankoff, 72, even shortened that for the title of his 2014 memoir, “How About Never — Is Never Good for You?”

Yet Mankoff has a range of his cartoons that he’s particularly fond of — works that span corporate offices to doctor’s offices, and matrimony to marine life — plus one shameless pun.

The Post’s Comic Riffs asked Mankoff to pick some of his favorites from his 800-plus New Yorker works. Here they are.

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