PRESIDENT TRUMP’s dealings with the Kremlin are like a Russian nesting doll for humorists: One never quite knows just how many pieces of artful riches hide inside.

A joint cybersecurity unit is trumpeted, then hours later disavowed. A Trump Tower meeting last summer with a Russian attorney was about adoption, then hours later was actually about gathering campaign dirt. All while health-care legislation founders and the president seems to tweet that if one is in the process of giving away the country, it’s not a big deal to have your daughter hold your seat at a Group of 20 summit.

Strange days, indeed. But a mother lode for visual satirists whose biggest obstacle just might be fatigue.

Here’s how some cartoonists are lampooning the administration’s interactions with Russia:

CLAY BENNETT (Chattanooga Times Free Press): 

ADAM ZYGLIS (Buffalo News):

STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune):

SCHOT (De Volkskrant, Netherlands):

ED WEXLER (Cagle Cartoons):


TOM TOLES (The Washington Post):

DAVID FITZSIMMONS (Arizona Daily Star):

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

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