“Looks Good on Paper, by Dan Collins (Universal Uclick)

DAN COLLINS drew the cartoon a decade ago, yet thanks to the ways of the Internet and the Oval Office, it keeps on finding new life.

The gag cartoon, from Collins’s feature “Looks Good on Paper,” was resuscitated Thursday on the Universal Uclick website after NBC News reported this week that, behind closed doors over the summer, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called his boss a “moron.” The State Department denies the report, but “moron” became the Washington word of the day.

Which was enough for Collins’s cartoon to resurface for sharing.

The cartoon, despite its caption, visually mimics the presentation to the Second Continental Congress of the drafted Declaration of Independence, as depicted in John Trumbull’s iconic 1818 oil painting. And the caption reads: “I keep thinking we should include something in the Constitution in case the people elect a complete moron.”

“This toon has been circulating around the net for 10 years since it was first published,” Collins writes to his online followers. “Every side has adopted it to use in their own moronic posts.”

Coincidentally, the cartoon circulated anew three years ago this month, when Donald Trump, well before declaring his presidential candidacy, tweeted out the cartoon with a slightly modified caption.

Naturally, some readers revived Trump’s tweet soon after this week’s NBC News report, in just the latest case of how the president’s past tweets can be viewed now through the lens of his current administration.

And as one commenter wrote on the Universal Uclick site: “Another example of the Collins Cartoon Prescience?”

Here is how some other cartoonists satirized the Tillerson “moron” story:

DAVID FITZSIMMONS (Arizona Daily Star):

DAVID FITZSIMMONS / Arizona Daily Star (CagleCartoons.com 2017)

DAVE GRANLUND (Cagle Cartoons):

by DAVE GRANLUND (Cagle Cartoons 2017)


MARIAN KAMENSKY / Austria (CagleCartoons.com 2017)

R.J. MATSON (CQ Roll Call):

by R.J. MATSON / CQ Roll Call (CagleCartoons.com 2017)

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