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ROY MOORE’s scandal continues to escalate. Five women have said that the Alabama judge either initiated sexual encounters or pursued them while they were teenagers. Now, as his Republican colleagues rise to oppose Moore, he faces a growing chorus of opposition.

“Unfit to serve,” they say.

“I believe the women, yes,” they say.

Moore “doesn’t belong in the United States Senate,” they say.

Last week, The Washington Post reported allegations made by four women. This week, another woman came forward with a similar story. On Monday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) called on Moore to end his Alabama Senate run, yet Moore remains adamant in his denial of the allegations, and refuses to drop out. (Moore has denied some of the accusations, and regarding others he’s said, “I don’t remember anything like that.“)

Some have been dismissive of the claims, including Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, who said, “Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus.”

So what do the political cartoonists think? Here is what “they say”:

CLAY BENNETT (Chattanooga Times Free Press):

(Clay Bennett/Chattanooga Times Free Press/WPWG)

JEFF DANZIGER (Rutland Herald):

(Jeff Danziger/Rutland (Vt.) Herald/WPWG)

NATE BEELER (Columbus Dispatch):

(Nate Beeler/Columbus Dispatch/CagleCartoons.com)

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