“The Brave and the Bold” is returning to DC Comics in a new miniseries that will feature Batman and Wonder Woman.

The classic DC team-up title — which debuted in the 1950s, was most recently published by DC in 2009 and appeared as an animated show in 2008 — will be written and illustrated by Liam Sharp. The first issue of the six-parter, titled “Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman,” will be released on Feb. 21.

Sharp was just coming off a run illustrating the new “Wonder Woman” series, which was written by Greg Rucka during DC’s “rebirth” relaunch, and he was looking for a way to continue working with the character. Rucka decided to stop writing “Wonder Woman” after 25 issues, but Sharp was so fond of what they had accomplished — with a new twist on Wonder Woman’s origin — that he decided it wouldn’t feel right continuing to work with another writer on the series.

So when Sharp was asked what he’d like to work on next for DC, he mentioned a Wonder Woman idea he’d had for quite some time: Mixing her Amazonian mythology with the legends of Irish and Celtic gods. The story would involve the death of an Irish god, and Wonder Woman would bring in Batman, the world’s greatest detective, to help investigate.

“The fact that they’ve pegged it to ‘The Brave and the Bold’ makes so much sense. It’s thrilling,” Sharp told The Post’s Comic Riffs. “It kind of gave it even more gravitas and gave it a real reason for being. It just seemed like perfect timing. There’s an element of classicness to the whole concept as well. It just gives it more weight.”

Sharp, who is British, has always been fond of Irish mythology. He visits Ireland every summer with his Irish wife, and is dedicating this new series to his late father-in-law, who died over the summer, and was a fun and willing participant in any conversation dealing with Irish gods. Sharp hopes this series might open a few eyes to Irish mythology, but more than anything, he just hopes his fans enjoy his latest project.

“It’s an adventure. It’s a mystery,” Sharp said. “It’s all the things that I hoped people would come to expect from a Wonder Woman and a Batman story.”

Sharp said this new story will be a continuation of his “Wonder Woman” series with Rucka, taking place not long after their final issue. He said Wonder Woman and her classic supporting character Steve Trevor are still a couple, but that he was tempted to add a little of the romantic spark that has existed between Batman and Wonder Woman over the years in various adaptations.

“There’s a moment [between Batman and Wonder Woman] in it. It’s more of a nod than anything else,” Sharp said. “I fell very much in love with the Steve and Diana story during the series with Greg. We felt like we gave him a certain richness to his personality that perhaps he’d lacked somewhat previously. There was a sense that the fanbase said this is right and this is how it should be. So I don’t want to spoil that. That’s the [Wonder Woman] that we created and that’s the dynamic that we created, but at the same time there is a [romantic] nod [to Batman].”

As attached as he has become to illustrating Wonder Woman, Sharp says he’s just as excited to draw Batman. His take on Batman is inspired by versions from artists Jim Lee, Neal Adams and Brian Bolland.

“Everyone wants to draw the Dark Knight,” Sharp said. “I’ve just been giggling to myself, to be honest. I was drawing the Batmobile and my kids asked me how I was doing and I said, ‘I’m drawing the Batmobile!’ 

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