Mike Peters’s “Mother Goose and Grimm” art will be among scores of comic strips that will be auctioned off to benefit Puerto Rico hurricane relief.

IF YOUR comics pages look a little different to you Thursday, it’s for a good cause.

More than 125 cartoonists are donating their original art to benefit the victims of recent hurricanes and other U.S. disasters, including in Puerto Rico.

The auction campaign, called Thanks + Giving, includes such syndicates as King Features, The Washington Post News Service, Andrews McMeel and Creators Syndicate, as well as the National Cartoonists Society Foundation, which is the charitable arm of the National Cartoonists Society.

Some of the notable art will be contributed by Jim Borgman and Jerry Scott (“Zits”), Al Jaffee (Mad magazine), Lynn Johnston (“For Better or For Worse”), Patrick McDonnell (“Mutts”) and Mike Peters (“Mother Goose and Grimm”), and much of it will publish in newspapers Thursday.

“The recent hurricanes and wildfires are a devastating tragedy, and we are humbled that we could come together as a community of cartoonists to do our small part in helping those affected,” Brendan Burford, the syndication general manager at King Features, told Comic Riffs.

Many of the strips will direct fans to Heritage Auctions, where the bidding will begin Thursday and end Nov. 30. All auction proceeds will go to the humanitarian charity Direct Relief.

“The last time we did a [collective] effort like this was Sept. 11, 2002,” said McDonnell, referring to the victims’ relief campaign on the anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. His Thursday “Mutts” strip will feature an Al Green quote about being thankful.

“Cartoonists are blessed to have the ability to make people laugh or inform their opinions with our little doodles on paper,” National Cartoonists Society President Bill Morrison said in a statement. “But we’re so much more gratified to be able to give aid and comfort to people in desperate, possibly life-threatening situations through the mere sale of our original art.”