Teaser trailer indeed.

Sony and Columbia Pictures just released the first look at “Venom,” starring Tom Hardy in the title role. But the trailer had one moment that stood out over everything else: No Venom.

That’s right. The one thing drawing fanboys to this flick is Venom himself, even though the character is dangerously being developed outside the parental guidance of Marvel Studios. The only thing we get is a quick shot of the gooey black alien symbiote that will eventually turn Hardy into the villain.

There are a lot of things going on here. The film is still in development and this is going to be a character highly dependent on special effects, so maybe the good stuff they want to show us just isn’t ready yet. But to say the Internet didn’t notice Venom wasn’t really there — just your not-so-friendly neighborhood Eddie Brock instead — would be an understatement.

Obviously we’ll see some Venom action whenever the first full trailer is ready (San Diego Comic-Con, perhaps?), but this quick look serves to remind us that, yes, Sony and Columbia are indeed going forward with this project and they’ve got the footage to prove it. Until then, doubts will linger and questions will remain: Is Spider-Man (Tom Holland) really going to have nothing to do with this world they’re building here? Is Carnage the bad guy? Will Topher Grace, who infamously played the character in “Spider-Man 3,” make a guest appearance?

The closest we get to seeing Venom in the first trailer is this poster. (Sony/Columbia Pictures)

We know Tom Hardy can be the perfect comic-book movie bad guy: We’ve seen it before with his fantastic performance as Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Until then, the shadows betray us, because the classic Spider-Man villain is nowhere in sight.

“Venom” arrives in theaters Oct. 5.

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