It’s been 14 years since Pixar debuted its smash hit “The Incredibles,” but not a single day has passed for our favorite family of Supers.

“The Incredibles 2″ picks up where its predecessor left off, evidenced by a sneak peek released Wednesday night during the Olympics. The Parr family gears up to take on a new villain, the Underminer, but it’s quickly revealed that the rest of the film will be a flip-flopped version of the first. This time, it’s Elastigirl’s turn to be Super.

Bob Odenkirk voices a business tycoon who enlists Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) to help him restore superheroes’ public image to what it once was. As she zooms off on a motorcycle, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) stays behind to take care of the kids, Violet, Dash and the newly super Jack-Jack.

It’s tough business, and the stay-at-home dad is seen struggling to help his kids with homework — “I don’t know that way. Why would they change math? Math is math!” — and dozing off while reading to Jack-Jack. But, as he insists to his pal Frozone (Samuel L. Jackson), he’s “got to succeed, so she can succeed, so we can succeed.”

Odenkirk is one of four new cast members, joined by Sophia Bush as Voyd, Catherine Keener as Evelyn Deavor and Isabella Rossellini as Ambassador. Pixar announced the newcomers on social media last month, sharing 11 images pairing the voice actors with their animated counterparts in the style of the Google Arts and Culture app.

An old favorite will also return when the film hits theaters on June 15. The teaser ends as scene-stealer Edna Mode (Brad Bird) shades Mr. Incredible’s ineptitude.

“Done properly, parenting is a heroic act,” she says. “Done properly.”

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