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SOMETHING ABOUT the politics that surround yet another school shooting in America set off President Trump in unforeseen ways.

First, the president said — and then clarified — that he’d like to arm some teachers. You know, the ones with “a natural talent” for it, like the ability to be an eagle-eyed marksman on the putting green.

Then, in his response to the Parkland, Fla., school shooting that left 17 dead, Trump made a bold claim of make-believe heroism Monday at the White House. The president boasted while musing hypothetically about the shooting: “I really believe I’d run in, even if I didn’t have a weapon,”

How do the nation’s cartoonists approach a punchline that writes itself? Well, here is how they are rendering judgment on Trump’s school-shooting remarks:


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(Rick McKee/Augusta Chronicle/CagleCartoons.com)


(Milt Priggee/CagleCartoons.com)


(R.J. Matson/CQ Roll Call/CagleCartoons.com)

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