by Christo Komarnitski/Bulgaria ( 2018)

WITH EVERY wave of Facebook news in recent days comes a status update about just how to characterize this sprawling controversy.

The news, of course, is that the data-science firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked for the Trump campaign, harvested and employed the Facebook information of about 50 million users, as reported by the New York Times and the Guardian — the latter of which called the action a data “breach,” a term that Facebook pushed back against. (The Guardian, it should be noted, reported on Cambridge’s harvesting of Facebook data for campaign use as far back as 2015.)

By Tuesday, a Vox article insisted that the Facebook saga wasn’t a hack but rather “a wake-up call.”

So just how should the nomenclature be drawn up around this breach/hack/cold-water wake-up, which has sparked a federal probe and led to the suspension of Cambridge Analytica’s chief executive?

Here’s how cartoonists around the planet are rendering judgment through word and picture:

STEVE SACK (Minneapolis Star Tribune):

by Steve Sack/Minneapolis Star Tribune ( 2018)

KEVIN SIERS (Charlotte Observer):

by Kevin Siers/Charlotte Observer ( 2018)


by Arcadio Esquivel/Costa Rica ( 2018)

MIKE KEEFE (Colorado Independent):

by Mike Keefe/Colorado Independent ( 2018)

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