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WITHIN COMICS, Mike Peters is known as an ageless wonder who seemingly dips his creative pen in the Fountain of Youth. Now the National Cartoonists Society recognizes his tireless output from last year with twin nominations for its divisional awards.

The Reuben Award-winning Peters, 74, is nominated in the editorial cartoons and newspaper strips categories, the NCS announced Monday.

In the strips division, Peters’s “Mother Goose and Grimm” goes up against two previous winners in this category: Terri Libenson’s “The Pajama Diaries” and Mark Tatulli’s “Lio.”

As announced earlier this month, Tatulli is also nominated for the Reuben Award for outstanding cartoonist of the year.

In the editorial cartoons division, Peters is up against two fellow Pulitzer Prize winners: Clay Bennett, who last month received the Overseas Press Club’s Thomas Nast Award; and Michael Ramirez, who has won this category six times.

Besides Peters and Tatulli, this year’s other multiple nominees are Dave Whamond (competing in both the newspaper illustration and advertising/product illustration categories) and Johnny Sampson (advertising/product illustration and magazine feature/illustration).

Elsewhere, Lee Unkrich and Adrian Molina are nominated for their Academy Award-winning “Coco”; the other feature animation competitors are Nora Twomey’s Oscar-nominated “The Breadwinner” and Benjamin Renner and Patrick Imbert’s “The Big Bad Fox & Other Tales.”

Among other creators who are already having banner years, three freshly minted Hugo Award nominees were recognized by the NCS: Cliff Chiang (“Paper Girls”) and Sana Takeda (“Monstress, Vol. 2: The Blood”), who are nominated for comic books; and Emil Ferris (“My Favorite Thing Is Monsters”), who is nominated for graphic novels.

In the newspaper panels category, the nominees are Dave Blazek for “Loose Parts,” Harry Bliss for “Bliss” and Mark Parisi for “Off the Mark.”

All the NCS winners will be announced May 26 during the Reuben Awards ceremony in Philadelphia.

Here are the other divisional award nominees:

Newspaper illustration: Greg Cravens; Glen Le Lievre; Dave Whamond.

Television animation: Alan Bodner (Disney’s “Tangled, the Series”); Rustam Hasanov (DreamWorks’ “Trollhunters”); Sean Jimenez (Disney’s “Duck Tales”).

Gag cartoons: Pat Byrnes; Joe Dator; Will McPhail.

Advertising/product illustration: Farley Katz; Johnny Sampson; Dave Whamond.

Comic books: Cliff Chiang (“Paper Girls” No. 15); Dean Ormston (“Black Hammer Secret Origins”); Sana Takeda (“Monstress, Vol. 2: The Blood”).

Graphic novels: Emil Ferris (“My Favorite Thing Is Monsters”); Tillie Walden (“Spinning”); Campbell Whyte (“Home Time”).

Magazine feature/illustration: Peter Kuper; Tom Richmond; Johnny Sampson.

Online comics — Long Form: John Allison (“Bad Machinery”); Vince Dorse (“Untold Tales of Bigfoot”); Ru Xu (“Saint for Rent”).

Online comics — Short Form: Gemma Correll (“Gemma Correll”); Lonnie Milsap (“Bacon”); Mike Norton (“Lil’ Donnie”).

Book illustration: Ryan T. Higgins (“Be Quiet”); Adam Rex (“The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors”); Ed Steckley (“Rube Goldberg’s Simple Normal Humdrum School Day”).

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