by Tom Toles/The Washington Post 2018

IN THIS high-stakes nuclear chess match, is someone about to play the pawn?

One week ago, President Trump tweet-announced a June 12 Singapore summit with leader Kim Jong Un aimed at drawing down North Korea’s nuclear program.

This week, though, North Korea is threatening to upend the whole match by canceling the summit and refusing to abandon its nukes.

Meanwhile, an Asia analyst and former CIA official tells The Washington Post that Trump’s brand of play-to-the-rafters public showmanship is “a very dramatic way of conducting foreign policy and national security. But it creates a thin veneer of understanding. It’s mostly about symbolism.”

Here is how some cartoonists are rendering judgment on the rhetorical gamesmanship — and whether they think someone is about to get rooked:

MONTE WOLVERTON (Cagle Cartoons):

by Monte Wolverton/Battle Ground, Wash./ 2018

RAINER HACHFELD (Neues Deutschland, Germany):

by Rainer Hachfeld /Neues Deutschland, Germany/ 2018


by Lisa Benson/WPWG 2018