As Domino, Zazie Beetz has plenty of action scenes in “Deadpool 2,” which pays tribute to Beetz’s late stunt double, Sequana Harris. (Joe Lederer/Twentieth Century Fox/AP)

AS ONE watches the high-speed chase scenes in the new “Deadpool 2,” in which the character Domino (played by Zazie Beetz) relies on her super-powered luck to navigate the violent mayhem all around her, the memory of Sequana “S.J.” Harris looms over the action.

Harris, a professional road racer-turned-stuntwoman, was dressed as Domino in August when she was killed while riding a motorcycle during a scene shot in Vancouver, B.C. 

The “Deadpool 2” crew publicly mourned Harris’s death, with Beetz writing on Instagram that “the cast and crew send peace, healing and their deepest condolences.”

Now, during the credits after the movie, which opened Friday, viewers see that the film is dedicated “in memory of Sequana Harris,” who also went by Joi.

Amid the high fictional death toll in “Deadpool 2,” the Harris credit is a stark reminder of how high the real-life risks are in these blockbuster action films, even in the era of big-budget CGI.

After Harris’s death, production was shut down for several days and the cast had a memorial for her.

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Ryan Reynolds, the film’s title star, posted a statement on Twitter at the time that said: “We’re heartbroken, devastated … but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment.”

And director David Leitch said in August, “No words can express how I and the rest of the Deadpool 2 crew feel about this tragedy.”

Josh Brolin, who plays Cable in the film, told the Associated Press in October that the “freak” street accident in Vancouver’s Jack Poole Plaza “wasn’t even a stunt.” He called Harris “a wonderful woman.”

“Deadpool 2” was the only film that Harris worked on as a stunt performer.

She is remembered by many for a race career that began in 2013, when she became the first African American woman to be licensed for American Motorcyclist Association competition. Her first Championship Cup Series race was in 2014.

She told Black Girls Ride in 2015: “I am everything people never saw in this sport. Sisters on the track are few and far between. I want to show them that there’s more for them to be exposed to.”

When Harris died, Beetz called the road racer “one of our own.”

The film’s dedication to Harris stands as an expression of that sentiment.

Correction: An earlier version of this post referred to Josh Brolin as John Brolin.

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